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What is Exmaps?

Exmaps is a comprehensive system that helps you capture, manage and analyze drone data without hassle.

iOS App

Fly your drone to capture data, then download to your device or upload them to the Exmaps cloud platform with a few taps. The app works seamlessly with DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro.

Exmaps Cloud

Powerful tools for project management, team management and data analysis to help you make sense of your photographic data in 3D. No installation required.




How it works

Streamlining drone inspection workflow


Fly and Capture

Create projects, fly, and capture inspection data with Exmaps iOS application, using your DJI drones.


Upload to Cloud

Forget about transferring your data from SD card. Upload large volume of data directly to Exmaps cloud server from your iOS device.


Analyze and Collaborate

Visually interpret your data with Exmaps' native data contextualization and collaborate with team members from miles away.

Key Features

Data Contextualization

Interpret your data better by visualizing them with their real-life contexts automatically processed in Exmaps to have a complete understanding.

Project Management

Manage and keep track with all your projects and data in a single all-in-one platform.

Pilot Management

Assign projects and users to corresponding teams to enhance workflow and improve team communication and collaboration.

Drone Management

Keep track of the drone flight log and view them in 3D with easy to understand data.


Building and Construction

Streamline your drone workflow and improve inter-department communication for enhanced efficiency.


Manage and consolidate multiple projects and large volume of data in a single platform.


Minimize downtime and improve safety while ensuring superior quality of inspection data.


Monthly or annual billing. Extra storage at USD 15 USD/mo/user per 100GB.

Monthly Billing

Data contextualization

Project management

3D map generation

Team management

100 GB of cloud storage

14-day free trial

USD 29.9 / mo

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Annual Billing

Data contextualization

Project management

3D map generation

Team management

100 GB of cloud storage

14-day free trial

Save 10%

USD 320 / yr

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On Premise

All data stored in your organization

Data contextualization

Project management

3D map generation

Team management

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Take photos and upload with a few tap. You will like the streamlined workflow.

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Frequently asked questions

Learn more about Exmaps - Cloud and iOS software for DJI drones.

Exmaps is a combination of a cloud platform and mobile app (iOS) that are meant to work in tandem to deliver the most value to users when operating DJI drones for work. Users fly the drone using the mobile app, capture and upload photographic data onto the cloud platform, which provides tools for viewing, analyses and collaboration on the data uploaded. Refer to getting started guide at app.exmaps.com/getting-started.

Yes, the Exmaps mobile app can be used to fly your drone and capture data anywhere with or without signal coverage. You can also download the data captured from the drone to your iOS device while offline (with the drone still turned on). Only when you need to upload the data to the cloud do you need an active and stable Internet connection.

The Exmaps app is only compatible with DJI drones. While drone photos captured using other drone platforms can be uploaded to Exmaps cloud manually, georeferenced data will not be included, thus not optimizing Exmaps to its full potential and intended usage.

3D maps can be in the form of drone generated 3d models of an asset, CAD models or a BIM models in the case of a building. These can be imported into Exmaps cloud to serve as contexts for the photographic data captured. Exmaps cloud also provide a native 3D extrusion tool to quickly build a simple 3D model when none of the above is available. When it comes to contextualization, resolution of 3D models isn’t that all important.

Exmaps is designed specifically for optimization of drone workflow for asset inspection. It is an integrated solution that minimizes manual effort, saves time and cost by utilizing the power of the cloud. A major difference between Exmaps and other alternatives is the way 3D models are used only as reference points to give users a complete set of information with every single inspection photo captured.

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